Colne Valley Postal History Museum

In the grounds of:

The Laurels
109 Head Street

A privately owned Postal History Museum in the heart of East Anglia. The collection has been built up over a number of years by one man and now comprises 100 ex-British Post Office letter boxes together with 19 Stamp Vending Machines, documents, uniforms and associated artefacts. The museum houses the second-largest private collection of Post Boxes in the UK and is an invaluable resource for teaching and historical research. Regular public open days are held each year, but otherwise there is no general public access other than by prior arrangement with the Curator. Visitors are welcome by prior arrangement at any reasonable time.

My top Christmas wish list for this year

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Hmmm… Christmas is will soon be here…

The festive mood would be here sooner than we have thought. I understand this isn’t the very best economic time we’re at, but I guess we all could still be splurging out a bit presenting gifts to the family members.

Christmas - 8

I consider myself lucky since I’m still able to afford several gifts, although my budget has notably shrink over time.

That was the easy part. Now, the hard part is, if you have to choose something special to your nearest and dearest, what shall it be?

I am aware the selections are endless but here are three items that top my list this season.

1. Galaxy Gear watch

2. Smoothie blender (a Blendtec will be excellent)

3. Coffee maker with grinder (a Keurig would be great)

The complex procedure behind selection of great necklace and pendant

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One of the best man-made product that’ll see its value appreciating over time is a jewelry that is made. I notice the method by which the term jewelry has been used so extensively that in many instances, I’d classify them as misuse. According to my definition, merely the ones that are made of high quality material like diamond, gold and silver could be categorized as jewelry. But in today’s world, inexpensive jewelry made of replica will dominate the market and one good example is I was searching for an horseshoe necklace pendant lately. As a person who’s obsessed about jewelry, I really don’t consider affordable imitation to be actual jewelry. Some of the cheap imitations are so poorly designed and made that I actually don’t even consider them worthy of a place in the best jewelry armoire I have in my home. There are really so many things about jewelry that here are just a number of them and may be fascinating.

Jewelry is treated by many folks just as only beauty accessories. Unaware that particular form of jewelry was used as protective amulet and an evil eye necklace pendant is one good example. However, as time passes by, many of such popular symbols have evolved and adopted by mainstream consumers. Most of these consumers are ignorant regarding the meaning as beauty and style are the only matters on their heads when they make their jewelry selection. Next time you see someone wearing an evil eye necklace, you can ask them about its symbolic significance and I can wager with you they may absolutely unaware of the meaning behind it. This is why even for allegedly spiritual or symbolic jewelry pieces like an evil eye necklace, there exists wide number of unique and stylish layouts.

From tungsten to gold. From black to pink diamond. From titanium to silver. There are various stuff that had been used to make jewelry. The cost of a jewelry piece is establish by how rare is the substance used to construct it. However, cost and style shouldn’t be the sole considerations when you are making your jewelry purchase. One thing that should not be taken lightly is our skin susceptibility which might be unique to each of us. For those with sensitive skin, such concern will be significant when they’re looking for say the best earrings for sensitive ears. For people with sensitive ears, there are definite earrings that could be fashionable however they still need to prevent them just because those earrings cannot be used after the purchase and will cause undesirable effect.

Jewelry has ever been among the largest element of the retail business. With the widespread adoption of internet shopping, many have turned to online retailers to make their jewelry purchases. Those people who are knowledgeable enough, they can generally find better deals online than in traditional physical jewelry stores but although there are clearly specific groups of folks that are still not comfortable with internet shopping. It is not unusual for the same gold baby elephant pendant that’s selling for hundreds of dollars in conventional brickandmortar jewelry retailers to be sold online for just half the price. Jewelry armoire is another example where the saving could be very substantial and best of all, you really do not need to worry about the transport cost when making your jewelry armoire purchase online as they will often have delivery.

There are so lots of things we can talk about in regards to jewelry. I undoubtedly have lots more things that I can discuss but I Will stop here for now. Next time you are considering a lovely horseshoe necklace pendant, don’t forget to ask the sales person if there’s any meaning related to it. Every woman loves her jewelry and to me, my jewelry range may be the main investment that I have to shield. Consider all the jewelry storage ideas that do not make a selection that is hasty and are accessible. The best jewelry armoire that works best for someone else might not be the perfect fit for your demand. Last but not least, I would urge against skimping in your jewelry armoires and don’t simply be turned off by the expensive price tag because after all, it’s the best safeguard for all of the jewelry investments you’ve made.

elephant pendant

Ditching my Blackberry. But what’s next?

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Apple is at it again. A product launch with the magnitude of iPhone 5s is a thing that in my opinion only the people at Apple is capable of accomplishing. I was in SF when iPhone 5s was released and I was taken aback by the long queues that were found in nearly every corner of the town. I deliberately wandered through a number of the queues in the hope of knowing what the experience really was like.

I am simply surprised by what I saw and heard. Many business organizations tried to turn the iPhone trend into business opportunity. One time, I saw few guys bringing foods and delivered them to those that were waiting in the queue and it was free of charge. I spotted some guys who were wearing uniforms from big fast food establishments like Subway. I also overheard conversation where they said that they have been queueing in lines for the past few days.

I used to enjoy my Blackberry but I don’t see any future within the device anymore. I’m confused which should I opt for. Apple or Samsung? Android or iOS? I have heard horrific stories from Blackberry people who made the transition to Android but I have also heard good stories from some who have made the same move. I’ve to confess that I enjoy things that shine and the brand new gold iPhoe is certainly a huge draw for me.

Could anybody enlighten me on which is the best choice?

Blackberry phone - 5

10 biggest breaking tweets in 2013

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    • First glimpse of the Royal Family
    • Government is shutting down



  • The appointment of a new Pope


    • Bill Clinton and Bill Gates taking picture together



  • The passing of a great man


    • Finally, Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring!



  • 2013 Champion of the Champions


    • Yahoo tries to buy youth with $1B purchase of Tumblr



  • A tweet worth a billion dollar


    • The tech story that I’ll remember most


Few things that one should pay attention to when purchasing a toaster oven

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There’s no place better than home. That’s why most people are no stranger to the phrase ‘home-sweet-home’. For me, my kitchen is the most significant part of my home where I often spend the majority of my time whenever I’m-not working on my desktop computer. It depends on your preference and life-style, some of you may have a different notion. I know some individuals who hate the idea of spending time in the kitchen (for whatever reasons that I can not understand) but I presume we belong to the same class. For those who spend lots of time in the kitchen, I’m certain you would agree with me that equipping your kitchen with nothing but the finest set of appliances is of paramount significance. The list of crucial appliances could be a long one (which among them is the best microwave oven) and let’s just see what some of them are.

One sort of kitchen appliances which is either loved or despised is the microwave oven. For as long as I could remember, the positives and negatives of the special appliance has been very much debated. It depends upon which side of aisle you are at, you can always find microwave oven evaluations that speak highly and also those that talk horribly of it. One advice I always give to oven noob is not to jump into considering the best microwave oven right away but more to the point, to first comprehend the various arguments which have been set forth and make a stand whether to continue or to quit the hunt for the best microwave oven.

One thing you desire to take note attentively when going through all the oven assessments is to check if the version you’re considering to buy is truly a convection oven. I’m not surprised if it is the first time you are finding the duration and thus you’ll be pondering the importance of such attribute. It seems complicated but the huge difference between the two is nothing more compared to the use of a fan inside the oven as a way to deliver a more uniform heat distribution throughout cooking time. Do not underestimate what this basic feature can do to your cooking as it might only be the key in making amazing and lousy recipes. Do not be surprised if you discover the best-rated convection toaster oven to be a lot more costly than its non-convection counterpart.

Talking about my kitchen will be a subject that intrigues and excites me the most. If you agree with what I am referring to, I believe you would also agree that getting the top-rated oven is something which cannot be compromised. Realize that there are different kinds of oven and picking the finest oven is something which needs to take your cooking preference into account. For people who love preparing roasted chicken or turkey, you would definitely want to consider getting the best-rated toaster oven with convection attribute. Don’t forget to start your hunt by finding out the most advised oven models for the type of oven that you want. If you are looking for a smoke oven, ensure you have in hand the listing of best smoke oven for 2014 and not last yr. There is still so much more to talk about but I expect this straightforward sharing has been useful and it gives you some ideas on what you may want to consider during the next oven purchase.

Microwave brand reviews

Simple guidance on how to pick the proper Smoothie Blender

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Home is the best place on earth. That is why the phrase ‘home-sweet-home’ has been devised and widely referred. If residence is our palace, kitchen is probably the heart of it (at least for my situation) as I spend most of my time in the Kitchen after I’m home rather than sitting on my desk. Yet, I understand not all of you’d agree as it all depends on your enthusiasm in life and what you love doing most. I suppose that you’d agree with me even though I’ve met some people who believe kitchen is the last-place in the house where they might need to spend their time at. If you do spend lots of energy in the kitchen, I’m certain you’ll agree that it’s important to constantly get simply the best home appliances. You’ll find things which you need to consider when creating an equipment buy and Iwill share few of them here.

When you buy your kitchen appliances depends on few variables. There are instances when your appliance shopping can wait and there are times when it can’t. Moving into a brand new home and doing your initial furnishing is one such occasion. However, if you’re planning to renew your appliances or you’re merely adding one or two items, then there’s a lower degree of urgency to purchase the best blender that you have uncovered. For such events, you can do your purchasing at a later time. In case you aren’t mindful, particular periods of the year are good time for bargain-hunting and you may want to take notice of that even prior to starting your spree. Black Friday is really just one example where several home appliances (especially the bulkier ones like LED TVs) will have their costs marked down somewhat. One piece of advice that proves to be traditional and ageless would be to consistently start your search with the crucial research and youare going to be amazed at how long it will save you in the end.

If you have been following-up the state of our Country’s health, you’ll be alarmed by the growing amount of Americans getting obese and this can be no small part contributed by the mushrooming of junk-food chains around the country. I am glad that it is not all bad news and there’s recently been campaigns that combat the processed foods insurgence and endeavor to encourage healthier diets. Fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and yoghurts are some of the diets recommended by most health experts. The easiest option is definitely to visit the supermarket shelves and grab those readily made yoghurts or shakes, but making your own smoothies is always the wiser choice. If you really have been heeding your doctor’s guidance and have pioneered the custom of consuming a glass of juice or smoothies each day, I wager you would in no time be seeking for the best juicer or blender. It may seem unimportant to most folks but not all juicers are of the exact same quality and a good example is the selection between masticating versus regular juicer. The best masticating juicer doesn’t come cheap but if you go through all the juicer reviews, you’ll comprehend why this is so. Juices generated from a masticating juicer is unquestionably a category above that of an ordinary juicer and it’s also a thing that you would just appreciate once you’ve it in your kitchen and make your own favorite Veg or fruit juices.

One household appliance which is useless to some kitchen owners but highly useful to the others will be the stand mixer. When searching for the ultimate stand mixers, you will need to take into account that price must not be the main factor to be considered. The ultimate dough mixers are those that have the appropriate capability for your typical combining need and yet doesn’t fall outside your price variety. Among the most popular option where you want to begin your hunt is kitchen aid stand mixer and it comes in tons of alluring color choices to fit every kitchen decor topic.

I think you can feel the exhilaration that I ‘ve when I am speaking about the kitchen stuffs. Simply the best kitchen appliances will make the cut for you if you are like me, always excited to discuss our kitchen. If you’re serious about changing your diet for healthier living, acquiring the ultimate smoothie blending machines for smoothies is essential as smooth and good tasting smoothie retains the key to your own diet success. Soup and puree are some of the simplest and healthiest dishes and if you adore making those, having the best hand blender in your kitchen arsenal is something you’ll definitely find useful. It’s normally recommended that you simply try and find some of the Best Blender reviews instead of randomly selecting one that you see on the ledges as the number of options can readily lead you to confusion.

The Blender Reviews HQ

In regards to great cookware sets, what’re my choices?

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Many youngsters have a tendency to think that the job of a leading chef is about glamour and this is no small part thanks to shows like Top Chef. But if you attempt to look under the area, this can be far in the hideous reality that faces the life of a leading chef. To become a good chef, you should put in hours and hours of effort. Cooking is a skill. It is open for anyone to try but most will simply cease even before achieving the half-way point. If you are aspiring to be an excellent chef, the first point you must get for yourself is a great cookware set. To a chef, cooking wares is as vital as rifles is to a soldier.

Without top quality cooking products, even the world’s greatest chef is not going to manage to turn his award-winning recipe into high-quality dishes. One misconception that several first time cookware customers have will be to assume that every cookware is made identical. You may have fascinating encounters with the different cookwares but tell these stories to a newcomer and they’ll not have the capacity to relate properly to what you’re trying to let them know. If you often run into huge mess after each cooking session and feel disappointed about cleaning the sticky pans, you’d be able to appreciate the ease that non-stick merchandise must offer.

The vast majority of cooking products sold now are either made from cast iron or stainless steel. Ever since ancient time, cast iron continues to be trusted to make cooking products. While cast iron merchandise are no more the most famous selection (particularly one of the millenial generation), pockets of hardcore cast iron fanatics still exist. People who choose to stick to cast iron are generally the more experienced cooks who have seen real superiority of cast iron when compared with other stuff types. The most popular choice today is stainless steel. But recall that stainless steel is a poor heat conductor. Highly rated stainless steel cookware such as All Clad, generally features several layers of facing at the base. Copper and aluminium – metals with excellent heat conductivity – are used-which result in faster warming time and more uniform heat distribution.

Where you buy your pot and pan set is dependent upon your personal preference. For me, I like to begin with online research and go through all the related cookware discussion from which I’d think of a shortlist of nominees. After I narrow my ocean of options down to possibility few, I would drive to my neighborhood Costco or Macy’s shop to locate those few sets who I’ve shortlisted. I’d then make an effort to hold them (just like how I’d hold them throughout cooking) and decide which set is out and which is in. Don’t neglect to examine the price tag. Ordinarily, I find the costs of top cookware ware manufacturers to be better on-line than what these physical stores offer. There are exceptions though and those exceptions occur when these stores are attempting to clear their stocks. If I found them to be more affordable compared to the on-line cost that I ‘ve on hand, I’ll simply grab them without reconsideration. More often than not, normally, this is not true.

Finding the best cookware sets requires a lot of research and the measure of carrying out cookware review is something which you shouldn’t bypass and it’s a thing that anyone who’s serious about the quality of their cooking will take very seriously. Making up the mind about what you need and desire is the very first point you must do. Only then, you’ll be able to concentrate on the discussions that are relevant and skip those that are not and not squander your time. If because the start you are all made up about cast-iron, you are able to skip stainless steel pot & pan assessment totally. To put it merely, understanding which is the best Teflon-based pan & pot set is of little value since what-you’re searching for is the best-rated cast iron pan & pot set.

Best cast iron cookware

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Life with no passion will be meaningless

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It is a constant private fight that constantly goes on in my head that if you do not have something for which you’re entirely obsessed with then you’re missing out on matters which are deeply ardent and wild in your life. There are of course those who’ll disagree with me and consider themselves sound and rational and are prepared to batter me from all sides. I ‘d love to inquire you one straightforward question. If you’re simply gliding through life, pushing from one meaningless quest to another, never having any reason to leap out of bed, no one to sleep in for after than you should with, and nothing that gets your hair standing up on end, I consider such life a misery. I ‘m one who is fully obsessed with many things. I consistently carry my fires on my sleeves. I hope that by the ending of the post, you’ll uncover your deep and dark obsession as well.

Honing my culinary skills is what I’ve been doing ever since I found my love for cooking. I started to pick up more knowledge just by watching the various cooking shows on TV but it was when I really place my feet on it that I started enhancing my skills. Blunders should be made and anticipate few cuts in your fingers that you get when you learn the way to slice meats and perhaps several burn steaks is common. The journey is clearly not a bed of roses but it’s one that you love most when you’ve the passion for this. While the various cooking shows on TV could inspire me, it was the cooking classes that I took that I appreciate the most. Honing your ability is only one thing but more to the point, you immersed yourself within an environment where everyone is linked by one common thing and that’s cooking.

Computer programming is one passion that I discovered not overly long ago. I ‘ve to admit that there are times when I actually repent how my life has been and thought of how much I could have reached if simply I had discovered this passion previously in life. Most of my relatives come from banking heritage and it’s also simply natural that I’ve been exposed to the banking world a lot more than other things. I’m not certain whether it’s because I’m a contrarian thinker or it’s really the case that I despise banking. What I find more intriguing is really discussing about computer programming rather than economics. I have yet to proclaim myself as a programming specialist but I am sure it’s merely a matter of time before I get there.

My first learning encounter was when I encountered that not all are instructed to look left and right before crossing the road. It was truly a shocking encounter which I learnt when I was treading on the streets of Paris. I had an opportunity to find a high number of kids crossing the streets of Paris without even caring about the surroundings around them. Miraculously, they made it to another side without episode every single time. After I asked one group of youngsters concerning why were they reckless and didn’t look on both sides before crossing the road and they only gave me a blank stare and laughed out. This is really my first shocking encounter of ethnic differences and these kinds of incidents I come across when I travel to different and unknown lands on the planet. Such experiences is the one thing that continue to strengthen my fixation with traveling. You see, once you step from your own doorstep, don’t have any notion what you are going to find around the following bending. This is especially accurate since when you’re out traveling, you’re driven not to rely on your own old customs and patterns (or even your language).

Most individuals locate photography as a good pastime which allows one to capture occasions and pictures of every special moment which may capture your focus at that very case. I would like to look at these things in a distinct viewpoint. I look at photography as a time machine that is competent to offer you a lifelong encounter or glimpse of the previous instants that most of the times cannot be brought back or experienced except in your minds or in your ideas. One thing about photography that fuels my fixation is that it allows you to re create all the feelings, sounds, smells, and emotions at the prompt when the shutter clicked. Pictures also provide the unique distinction of sharing these wonderful memories with others who were involved with the second, but also helps keep some of your private moments as a secret. This is the rationale that some pictures merely pop up and pass out from your life like a bubble on a stream and still some get imprinted in your brain for lifetime.

None of us is born without fire within us. Some people refer to it as obsession while some others refer to it as ability. In my experience, it’s not important what you refer to it as and what is more significant is whether you’ve found them. Once you determine to chase your heaviest passion and realize yourself like never before, you’ll see your life has transformed radically as if it is being painted by an assortment of colors that is vibrant, more brilliant and full of life, energy and positivity. Once you found your fire and follow through it, no one can dictate your life story anymore and the narrative is yours to chart.

Few matters about Bread Machine that needs to be considered before one makes a purchase

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I am able to bet that anyone who have watched the picture perfect bakery impersonated in Meryl Streep’s Bakehouse in her film “It’s Complicated” would have their baking fire ignited. Among all the numerous culinary artwork disciplines, one that consistently brings enormous amount of interest yet high dropout price is bread making. It should come as no surprise as great artwork is frequently best appreciated but when it comes to creating it, it’s an entirely different subject altogether. To reach particular amount of mastery, passion alone is not enough but also commitment and persistence. Getting to grips with your own bread making at house was once a painful procedure that requires tremendous number of investment including the oven, dough mixer and several other add-on. It was just after bread maker was released that the whole game was shifted. Though convenient, even the best bread maker will still not let you bake like the pro. If you are kicking start your quest for the Best Bread Machine, these few pointers are good to take into account when you are considering your bread maker reviews.

Basic white bread may function as the most consumed kind of bread but if you consume it on daily basis, it will be in no time that you get tired of its taste. It doesn’t take great command to bake plain white bread. But if this’s what your principal objective is, you may be better off with some of the best entry-level bread machines as the higher priced versions will be an over-kill with this instance. But if you need something that is more elaborate, adding few touches of fruits and nuts will do the trick. This really is where the different bread makers decide to get it done otherwise. The fundamental and usually more economical bread maker models will merely provide a beep as indicator the time is right to drop your fruits and nuts. But if you have the extra cash and afford the more costly models like Breville BBM800XL, these will be automatically taken care of.

Breville BBM800XL custom breadmaker review

The ability to select different loaf size is what you want to seriously pay attention to when you proceed through the bread maker assessments before choosing the best bread maker. How much you demand is determined by your family-size. A smaller family of 3 or 4 would commonly have smaller loaf size for each portion. But again, this really is still dependent on the dimensions of each member in the family. The need of a household where every one is of small built will undoubtedly be less than one where every one is of bigger built. So, understand how much is your need and the ideal bread machine for you will be one that allows you to choose the loaf of bread size that you just desire.

In order for a kitchen appliance to market nicely, look plays a very important role. Would you believe you’ll want to purchase an appliance that is horrible-looking but high performance? I question so. Instead of the plastic alternative, you may want to consider the metal body if design and esthetic is really a major concern for you. But bear in mind the best bread makers which can be made from plastic will typically cost less compared to the best makers that are manufactured from chromium steel. Cuisinart bread makers are usually a safe bet as the business name is no stranger to contemporary homeowners.

The launch of automated bread maker delivers new hope for the average family who prefers to have the choice of baking their own preservative-free loaves of bread. If you’ve been desiring to revamp your food menu for the healthiest choice, contemplate getting bread maker as it truly is a modest investment in comparison with the benefits it brings. Don’t forget that a wholesome head begins with a healthy body. Your search for the top-rated bread maker will be simpler once you realize exactly what you require and the best choice for you is not always the most expensive models. But if there is something I will ascertain you, it will be that it takes time and practice to build your baking skill. These machines might have been designed to take most of the guessworks out of the baking procedure, but before it is possible to actually be a baking pro, it’ll probably take countless hours of training to get there.

Locate the finest vacuum cleaner with these suggestions

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Diamonds last forever, thus women cherish them for life, a fairly similar feeling that mothers want to achieve having a vacuum cleaner. A more impressive section of the population must clean their own families at one point of the life. This will depend on your family concept and some of us might be lucky enough to be liberated from the household chores while some of us aren’t that lucky. Nevertheless, even when you’re on the list of ‘happy’ group, you still can’t hightail it from the responsibility once you moved in to your own property. You’ll need a dependable vacuum cleaner to help you out on this particular job, and for this reason, the best vacuum cleaner reviews certainly are a must-read.

If you are thinking of buying a vacuum, the good thing is there are many ways you can make your purchase. A number of people prefer to shop in malls like Costco, which is actually one of the most common choices. This may work well with those who have some free-time, but what about those who do not? You can always make your order through a simple call. This kind of shopping is now popular particularly with those mothers who choose to personally take care of their children. The only spare time they have is when the children are taking a nap but they are often too exhausted to do something else apart from turning on it. Certain manufacturers like Bissell has realized this market potential and so that they have designed their strategies to target stay-home mothers. The last that I think is the greatest choice is on line shopping. The reason is basically because online shopping allows you to undergo some of the best vacuum cleaner reviews and compare costs across different online retailers before making your best pick.

Ask everybody about their regular home cleaning experience, and they would all note the vacuums and how excellent the appliance is; moreover, no effective cleaning could occur without the appliance. If you are an arrival in the area of cleansing, then you may succeed in getting the homes completely washed manually; But you may not be restored from developing some back issues that result from the regular folding during the information sweeping and cleaning of the ground. If you read comprehensive vacuum reviews you will realize health problems are widely discussed, and it’s among the factors that prompt individuals to obtain these house-cleaning devices. A selected amount of the vacuum cleaners are expensive; But with a proper research, then the best vacuum cleaners may indeed be the cheapest.

It’s now evident that you will find ample ways that can everyone can use to search for your vacuums. The options are wide, and you’re more than likely to be left in a critical problem concerning which decision to create. The important thing is even if you think you are getting from the big boys for example such as Oreck, it’s advisable to do your research and finding Oreck vacuum reviews shouldn’t be way too hard. You have to realize that the best-selling vacuum cleaners list changes annually. Be sure that you are talking about the newest 2014 vacuum cleaner reviews when you’re doing all of your research.

Dyson vacuum reviews of DC24

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